5 of the Best WordPress Theme Detectors to Know What WordPress Theme a Website is Using

WordPress has been dominating the CMS market since its release. No doubt, it has spilled its magic throughout the world. Analytics show that people search for different kinds of WordPress themes on a daily basis. And, no wonder why. WordPress provides a gargantuan amount of themes making it easier than ever to create a website. Functionalities of a website, by no means, is less important than its design. Thus, WordPress also offers a wide range of essential plugins. Plugins expand and capitalize the functionalities of WordPress. Undoubtedly, plugins are the best feature that makes WordPress stand among all other CMS.

Every now and then hundreds and thousands of WordPress sites are released. We never know which one might allure us. It’s almost impossible to check out an individual site’s source code to find out which theme it’s using. Moreover, not all site provides the theme’s information on the footer.

Let me come to the point. WordPress theme detector is a useful innovation to identify theme a particular site has used. There are various such WP theme detectors available in the market today. Even better, some of them can identify active plugins used on the site as well.

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What WordPress theme is that?

By all means, What WordPress theme is that is the best WordPress theme identifier. Founded in 2011, this tool happens to be the most popular WP theme detector since then. That is the reason it is first on our list. Since it’s an online tool you don’t have to purchase or download it. As a result, it saves both your time and money. Simply, enter the URL of the website of your choice and it gives the information you require.

This is a free online tool that primarily detects the WordPress theme used by the website. It also provides the list of all the active plugins on the site. But that’s not all. It also detects whether it’s a parent theme or a child theme. Besides WordPress, What WP theme is that also detects the sites built in Joomla and Drupal.

WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress theme detector is another free online tool to identify theme used by a particular website. Like What WordPress theme is that this theme also detects plugins being used. In addition, it also provides some other useful information regarding that theme and plugins. Such as a number of sites using the particular theme, theme availability for download, plugins details and more.

Besides, this tool provides the information regarding- theme name, author name, version etc. Furthermore, it also tells you if the theme is customized one. But it doesn’t stop there. If the theme is a popular one, it also provides the statistical information regarding the theme. Since WordPress theme detector provides so much of detailed information. It is obvious that it will take some extra time.

What theme

What theme is yet another great WordPress theme detector created by Catalin Zorzini. It is similar to above mentioned online tools to most extent. However, this theme finder has some distinct features that make it a little different from them. You can use this tool to detect Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Shopify, Ghost, Tumblr, Magento, and Big Cartel. Moreover, you can simply use this tool to find whether the site is built on WordPress or not.

This WP theme detector provides the detailed information about the theme. It gives you the details like the theme’s version, license information, related tags, and description. In addition, it also provides you with the link that redirects you to that very theme.


WPSniffer is a chrome extension that helps you detect what theme you favorite WordPress site is using. This WP theme detector works directly within chrome. Moreover, once it is installed, a grey icon is placed at the top right of the toolbar for easy access. The icon automatically turns orange whenever it detects any WordPress theme.

In contrast to all other WordPress Theme detector tools, this tool doesn’t give you theme details. Instead, it links you to Google results pages which will redirect you to that very theme.


Lastly, we have SCAN WP. It also helps you to find out what WordPress theme is that which has been used on your favorite website. The working mechanism for this tool is also similar to that of other theme finder tools. Just insert the URL on the text field and it gives you a proper list of required information. For instance, theme’s name, URL, version, price, and author.

How to know which WordPress theme the site is using? (Alternatives)
Using WordPress Theme Detector is not the only way to detect themes. But it is by far the fastest and reliable method. However, there are some other methods to detect which WordPress theme has been used on the website.

Wrapping Up
To sum up, using these theme finders you can easily find out the themes used by the sites that lured you in the first site. Simply, enter the site or blog’s link and you’ll get the information you require about the theme. With these tools, you can stay updated with the new themes. And also gather information about the themes that are generating more traffic. Thus, in a way, these tools are also helpful for SEO purposes.

But what we should understand is, these tools may be unable to display the information you are looking for. That is because the website may have hidden the theme details for security reasons or others. Also, some websites might have the customized theme.